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Abedzadeh-Kalahroudi, M. (2014) Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Midwifery. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e19449.

Adib-Hajbaghery, M. and Mahmoudi, M. and Mashaiekhi, M. (2014) Shampoo-Clay Heals Diaper Rash Faster Than Calendula Officinalis. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e14180.

Adib-Hajbaghery, M. and Moradi, T. and Mohseni, R. (2014) Effects of a Multimodal Preparation Package on Vital Signs of Patients Waiting for Coronary Angiography. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e17518.

Adib-Hajbaghery, M. and Rezaei-Shahsavarloo, Z. (2014) Assessing the Nursing and Midwifery Students Competencies in Communication With Patients With Severe Communication Problems. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e18143.

Afazel, M.R. and Jalali, E. and Sadat, Z. and Mahmoodi, H. (2014) Comparing the Effects of Hot Pack and Lukewarm-Water-Soaked Gauze on Postoperative Urinary Retention; A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e24606.

Afshari, A. and Safari, M. and Oshvandi, K. and Soltanian, A. R. (2014) The Effect of the Open and Closed System Suctions on Cardiopulmonary Parameters: Time and Costs in Patients Under Mechanical Ventilation. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e14097.

Aminolroayaee Yamini, E. (2014) Some Questions About Herbal and Traditional Medicine. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e18079.

Aydin Er, R. and Ersoy, N. and Celik, S. (2014) The Nursing Students' Views About the Patient's Rights at the West Black Sea Universities in Turkey. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e19136.

Azizi Fini, I. (2014) Nursing Challenges in Iran. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e19906.


Bahram, M. E. and Akkasheh, G. and Akkasheh, N. (2014) Aerobics, Quality of Life, and Physiological Indicators of Inactive Male Students' Cardiovascular Endurances, in Kashan. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e10911.


Chen, I. C. and Huang, H. J. and Yang, S. F. and Chen, C. C. and Chou, Y. C. and Kuo, T. M. (2014) Prevalence and Effectiveness of Laxative Use Among Elderly Residents in a Regional Hospital Affiliated Nursing Home in Hsinchu County. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e13962.


Dianati, M. and Zaheri, A. and Talari, H.R. and Deris, F. and Rezaei, S. (2014) Intensive Care Nurses' Knowledge of Radiation Safety and Their Behaviors Towards Portable Radiological Examinations. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e23354.


Farmahini Farahani, M. and Shamsikhani, S. and Sajadi Hezaveh, M. (2014) Patient Satisfaction with Nursing and Medical Care in Hospitals Affiliated to Arak University of Medical Sciences in 2009. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e14022.


Ghorbani, A. A. and Hesamzadeh, A. and Khademloo, M. and Khalili, S. and Hesamzadeh, S. and Berger, V. (2014) Public and Private Hospital Nurses' Perceptions of the Ethical Climate in Their Work Settings, Sari City, 2011. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e12867.

Ghoreishi, F.S. and Zahirrodine, A.R. and Assarian, F. and Moosavi, G.A. and Zare Zadeh Mehrizi, M. (2014) Evaluation of Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction in Employees of Kashan Hospitals. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e11977.


Hemmati Maslakpak, M. and Raiesi, Z. (2014) Effect of a Self-Management and Follow-Up Program on Self-Efficacy in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e25661.


Karimi-Sari, H. and Faraji, M. and Mohazzab Torabi, S. and Asjodi, G. (2014) Success Rate and Complications of Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization With and Without Ultrasonography Guide. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e23204.


Masoudi Alavi, N. (2014) Disaster: Are We Prepared? Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e19993.

Masoudi Alavi, N. (2014) Men in Nursing. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e17987.

Masoudi Alavi, N. (2014) Occupational Hazards in Nursing. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e22357.

Masoudi Alavi, N. (2014) Self-Efficacy in Nursing Students. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e25881.

Miranzadeh, S. and Adib-Hajbaghery, M. and Soleymanpoor, L. and Ehsani, M. (2014) A New mouthwash for Chemotherapy Induced Stomatitis. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e20249.

Mirbagher-Ajorpaz, N. and Mohammadi, A. and Najaran, H. and Khazaei, S. (2014) Effect of Music on Postoperative Pain in Patients Under Open Heart Surgery. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e20213.

Moradi, T. and Maghaminejad, F. and Azizi-Fini, I. (2014) Quality of Working Life of Nurses and its Related Factors. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e19450.

Moradi, Z. and Akbarzadeh, M. and Moradi, P. and Toosi, M. and Hadianfard, M. J. (2014) The Effect of Acupressure at GB-21 and SP-6 Acupoints on Anxiety Level and Maternal-Fetal Attachment in Primiparous Women: a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e19948.

Musavian, A. S. and Pasha, A. and Rahebi, S. M. and Atrkar Roushan, Z. and Ghanbari, A. (2014) Health promoting Behaviors Among Adolescents: A Cross-sectional Study. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e14560.


Negarandeh, R. (2014) Enhancing Transition to Workplace. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e17554.

Nekooei Moghaddam, M. and Saeed, S. and Khanjani, N. and Arab, M. (2014) Nurses' Requirements for Relief and Casualty Support in Disasters: A Qualitative Study. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e9939.

Nouri, S. and Sharif, M. R. and Tabatabaei, F. and Farokhi, S. (2014) Investigating the Effect of Zinc Chloride to Control External Bleeding in Rats. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e22063.

Nouri, S. and Sharif, M. R. and Tabatabaei, F. and Farokhi, S. (2014) Investigating the Effect of Zinc Chloride to Control External Bleeding in Rats. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e22063.


Omidi, A. and Zargar, F. (2014) Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Pain Severity and Mindful Awareness in Patients With Tension Headache: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e21136.

Oshvandi, K. and Kavyannejad, R. and Borzuo, S. R. and Gholyaf, M. (2014) High-Flux and Low-Flux Membranes: Efficacy in Hemodialysis. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e21764.


Saberi, F. and Adib-Hajbaghery, M. and Zohrehea, J. (2014) Predictors of Prehospital Delay in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction in Kashan City. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e24238.

Saberi, F. and Amini, S. and Jan Nesari, R. (2014) Mothers' Roles in Prevention and Care of Diarrhea in Children of Aran and Bidgol, Iran. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e19985.

Saberi, F. and Sadat, Z. and Abedzadeh-Kalahroudi, M. (2014) Barriers to Pap-smear Testing From the Viewpoint of Postmenopausal Women in Kashan. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e22829.

Saberi, F. and Sadat, Z. and Abedzadeh-Kalahroudi, M. and Taebi, M. (2014) Effect of Ginger on Relieving Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (1). e11841.

Sadat, Z. (2014) Reasons for Elective Cesarean Section in Iranian Women. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e22502.


Taebi, M. (2014) Behind the Scenes of Surrogacy. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e23600.

Tahamtan, I. and Bagheri, Z. and Janani, P. and Majidi, S. and Ghasemi, E. and Negarandeh, R. (2014) Content Analysis of Articles Published in Iranian Scientific Nursing Journals From 2009 Through 2011. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (4). e22294.


Valizadeh, L. and Janani, R. and Janani, L. and Galechi, F. (2014) Neonatal Intensive Care Units Nurses' Attitude Toward Advantages and Disadvantages of Open vs Closed Endotracheal Suction. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (2). e18037.


Zehtab, S. and Adib-Hajbaghery, M. (2014) The Importance of Spiritual Care in Nursing. Nurs Midwifery Stud, 3 (3). e22261.

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