Application of microwave irradiation for the treatment of adsorbed volatile organic compounds on granular activated carbon

Dehdashti, A. and Khavanin, A. and Rezaee, A. and Assilian, H. and Motallebi-Kashani, M. (2011) Application of microwave irradiation for the treatment of adsorbed volatile organic compounds on granular activated carbon. Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 8 (1). pp. 85-94.

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The purpose of this laboratory scale experimental research was to investigate the application of integrated microwave irradiation and granular activated carbon adsorption for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from emissions released from industrial processes and considered major pollutants of the environment. A stream containing 300 ppm toluene was supplied and passed through the granular activated carbon (GAC). The saturated adsorbent was placed in a quartz glass reactor and treated by microwave (MW) irradiation at heating frequency of 2450 MHz at different power levels. Adsorption capacity was evaluated through breakthrough curves and the residue analyzed by gas chromatography. Breakthrough results showed that the high relative humidity of the inlet gaseous stream could lead to decreased GAC adsorption capacity. We found that GAC could absorb microwave irradiation and dissipate heating energy increasing its temperature up to 600°C in a short time mainly depending on the microwave power level. Our experimental results indicated that most of the toluene vapor passed over GAC was decomposed under 900 watt microwave irradiation after around 10 minutes. The addition of water vapor in the inlet stream slightly decreased pollutant removal rate over the GAC while the overall oxidation removal remain the same compared to stream with low content of water vapor. Adsorption isotherms showed that GAC surface area and porosity values increased slightly under microwave irradiation. We concluded that simultaneous application of GAC and microwave irradiation may be an effective approach for removing VOCs from gaseous stream.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: activated carbon; adsorption; experimental study; gas chromatography; granular medium; irradiation; laboratory method; microwave radiation; toluene; volatile organic compound
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