Application of electrochemical process for removal of chromium and copper from kahrizak leachate

Rabbani, D. and Mostafaei, G.R. and Roozitalab, N. and Roozitalab, A. (2012) Application of electrochemical process for removal of chromium and copper from kahrizak leachate. World Applied Sciences Journal, 17 (4). pp. 442-446.

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Sanitary landfills are considered as environmentally method to disposal of solid wastes. However, the production of leachate is usually a major problem related to such method. Leacahtes contain large amounts of organic pollutants, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals and etc. although their chemical composition is affected by several factors including seasonal precipitation, waste origin and the age of the landfill. In this research, the performance of an electrochemical system with iron electrodes for removing heavy metal ions (chromium and copper) was studied. This study was conducted in a batch setup. The effect of current density, reaction time and initial pH=7 were investigated. Equipment related to Electrochemical unit include power supply and 8 iron plate electrodes connected into a beaker with the effective Volume of 1.5 L. leachate sample experimented was taken from solid waste landfill of kahrizak of located at south of Tehran. The Results showed when current density and time reaction increased, removal efficiency of chromium and copper, increased. at initial pH=7, density1A and reaction time 60 minutes, Cu,Cr, respectively up to 95 and 84 were removed. The study gave indications on the removal mechanisms of the investigated metals. Copper ions are hydrolyzed and coprecipitated as hydroxides. Cr (VI) was proposed to be reduced first to Cr (III) at the cathode before precipitating as hydroxide. © IDOSI Publications, 2012.

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