Protective effect of metformin, resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid on radiation-induced pneumonitis and fibrosis: A histopathological study

Yahyapour, R. and Amini, P. and Saffar, H. and Motevaseli, E. and Farhood, B. and Pooladvand, V. and Shabeeb, D. and Musa, A.E. and Najafi, M. (2019) Protective effect of metformin, resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid on radiation-induced pneumonitis and fibrosis: A histopathological study. Current Drug Research Reviews, 11 (2). pp. 111-117.

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Background: Radiation-induced pneumonitis and fibrosis are the most common side effects of chest radiotherapy. They result from massive and chronic production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), inhibition of antioxidant enzymes as well as the release of several inflammatory mediators. In this study, we aimed to detect the radioprotective effects of metformin (as inhibitor of mitochondrial ROS), resveratrol (as stimulator of antioxidant defense enzymes) and alpha-lipoic acid (as direct antioxidant) for alleviating radiation-induced pneumonitis and fibrosis. Methods: 80 Male Mice were randomly allotted to eight groups which include G1: control; G2: res-veratrol; G3: alpha-lipoic acid; G4: metformin; G5: radiation; G6: radiation plus resveratrol; G7: radiation plus alpha-lipoic acid; G8: radiation plus metformin. Drugs� doses were as follows: 100 mg/kg metformin, 200 mg/kg resveratrol and 200 mg/kg alpha-lipoic acid. Irradiation with a single radiation dose of 18 Gy was performed using a cobalt-60 (60Co) gamma-ray source. After 80 days, all mice were sacrificed and their lung tissues evaluated for morphological changes using histopathological markers. Results: Irradiation led to acute pneumonitis including infiltration of inflammatory cells and dam-ages to alveolar and vascular, as well as mild fibrosis. Metformin, alpha-lipoic acid and resveratrol were able to reduce pneumonitis and overcome radiation-induced fibrosis. Conclusion: All agents could protect against radiation-induced lung injury moderately. It is possible that administering higher doses of these drugs over a long period of time could give better radiopro-tection of the lung. © 2019 Bentham Science Publishers.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: cobalt 60; metformin; reactive oxygen metabolite; resveratrol; thioctic acid, animal experiment; animal model; animal tissue; antioxidant activity; Article; cell infiltration; enzyme inhibition; fibrosis; gamma radiation; histopathology; in vivo study; lung alveolus cell; lung parenchyma; lymphocytic infiltration; macrophage infiltration; mast cell infiltration; mouse; neutrophil chemotaxis; nonhuman; priority journal; radiation dose; radiation pneumonia; radiation protection; tissue fixation
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