Effect of gentamicin on development of rabbit testicular tissue in new born and adults

Kameli, S.M. and Moghani-Ghoroghi, F. and Moshkdanian, G. and Sadr, M. and Mugahi, S.M.H.N. (2015) Effect of gentamicin on development of rabbit testicular tissue in new born and adults. Acta Medica Mediterranea, 31 (7). pp. 1489-1494.

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Objective: Aminoglycosides comprisea family of antibiotics which are used frequently to treat gram- negative bacterial infections. Among them gentamicin is the most common choice for treatment of urinary tract infections. The present study aimed to investigate histological and histomorphometrical changes induced by gentamicin administration during different stages of pregnancy in newborn and adult rabbits. Materials and methods: Forty Albino rabbits around 5- months old (32 female, 8 male) weighing 1.8-2 kg were randomly divided into control (n=10) and experimental (n=30) groups. The experimental groups were subdivided into three groups which received 1.7 mg/kg (Intramuscular injection) gentamicin every 8 hours in (group P) Pre differentiation stage, (group E) Embryonic stage and (group F) Fetal stage. Three day-old newborns and adult rabbits were sacrificed and the testis was expelled out. After sample preparing and staining, morphological changes were assessed. The diameter of the seminiferous tubules and the thickness of germinal epithelium was evaluated using mage tools III Microsoft software. Statistical analyzes was made by One-Way ANOVA followed by Turkey post hoc test to evaluate the statistical significance between different groups. A value of p<0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: The results revealed that gentamicin administration in the pre-differentiation(P) and embryonic(E) stages induced early lumination of testicular cords in 3day- old newborns. A significant increase in diameter of seminiferous tubules and germinal epithelium thickness in groups P and E was also observed (p<0.05). In adult rabbits, diameter of seminiferous tubules significantly increased in groups E and F and decreased in group P (p<0.05). Germinal epithelium thickness in groups P and E reduced significantly whereas in group F this reduction was not significant. Conclusion: Gentamicin administration in pregnancy induces adverse effects on testicular development and results in early lumination of testicular cords in newborns and reduction in germinal epithelium thickness in adult rabbits.

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