Immune disorders in hemodialysis patients

Sharif, M.R. and Chitsazian, Z. and Moosavian, M. and Raygan, F. and Nikoueinejad, H. and Sharif, A. and Einollahi, B. (2015) Immune disorders in hemodialysis patients. Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases, 9 (2). pp. 84-96.

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Immunologically, end-stage renal disease is associated with some disorders in both innate and adaptive immune system in such a form that there is a coexistence of both immune activation and immune suppression. Although these disorders are complex yet thoroughly unknown, there is a close relationship between the progressively defective immune system and side effects as well as mortality causes, including cardiovascular problems, infections, and malignancies. From the other viewpoint, chronic inflammation as a major determinant of �dialysis syndrome� is considered as the main factor of morbidity and mortality in dialysis patients. Such inflammation is generally arisen from immune system response to uremia and individual�s repetitive contact with dialysis instruments, and in the long-term, it leads to premature aging via intensifying tissue degeneration. Therefore, the immune system is known as one of the most important therapeutic targets to reduce morbidity and mortality in uremic and dialysis patients. This review addresses different aspects as well as mechanisms of immune system dysfunction and possible therapeutics in dialysis patients. © 2015, Iranian Society of Nephrology. All rights reserved.

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