Iron deficiency anemia among 14-17 years old female students from Shahroud, 1997

Abbasian, M. and Nourian, M. (1999) Iron deficiency anemia among 14-17 years old female students from Shahroud, 1997. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 2.

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History and Objectives: Due to the prevalence of the anemia in different part of the country and its well known side effects, especially in students and since little is known about epidemiologic features of the disease in Shahroud, the present study is conducted to determine the epidemiology of Iron deficiency anemia among 14-17 year old students in the city of Shahroud in 1997. Materials and Methods: A descriptive study was carried out on 520 students who were selected randomly. Personal records and family background were recorded and blood samples were taken. Hemoglobin levels under 12 g/dl was taken as indication of anemia. Iron and TIBC were performed on cases where hemoglobin and MCV were abnormality low. Prevalence of the disease confidence level for the population and factor that influence the prevalence were determined. Results: The rate of Iron deficiency anemia is 5.2 (4.2 in urban area, 7.9 in rural area). Mean hemoglobin levels among girls were 10.6±2 mg/dl. The rate of the disease decreases as age increases. Educational level of parents and type of the job that father hold affect the prevalence of the disease. Conclusion: The prevalence of Iron deficiency anemia among female students in the city of Shahroud is relatively low. Analytical study is required in order to determine the influence of parental educational levels and type of job they hold on the frequency of the illness.

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