Prevalence of Pediculus Capitis among male primary school students in Kashan, 1997

Dehghani, R. and Doroodgar, A. and Almasi, H. and Asadi, M.A. and Sayyah, M. (1999) Prevalence of Pediculus Capitis among male primary school students in Kashan, 1997. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 3.

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History and Objectives: Due to different rate of infection with Pediculus Capitis in the country and side effects of such infection and in order to determine the prevalence of such infection the present study was carried out among primary school male students in 1997. Materials and Methods: A descriptive study was carried out on 1986 students from 8 schools with average age of 6-12 years from first of 50th grade. Students were selected by random cluster sampling. A questionnaire was filled out which contained information on nationality, school grade, presents' educational levels, family size, common use of items at home, having shower at home and number of shower in a week. The proof of infection was the presence of Pediculus Capitis on neck or head. The prevalence and confidence interval were determined. Results: Pediculus Capitis was observed on 17 individuals (0.9). The infection had a significant correlation with nationality, patents' education level, common use of items and number of showers per week. The rate of infection among Afghan and Iranian students was 4.2 and 0.4 respectively. The rate of infection among students whose fathers had no education-primary school education and high school education was 3.9 and 0.4 respectively. Similar data on the students' mother was 3.6 and 0.3 respectively. The rate of infection for students having showers once a week and twice a week were 1.3 and 0.2 respectively. Students who shared items at home and those who did not share items had 10 and 0.2 rate of infection. Conclusion: Pediculus Capitis infection among primary school students is not considered as a primary health concern. However education programs for reducing the usage of common items at home and other factor for reduction of infection is suggested.

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