Sand fly funa in Kashan, 1990-97

Doroodgar, A. and Seyedi Rashti, M.A. and Rasi, Y. (1999) Sand fly funa in Kashan, 1990-97. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 3.

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History and Objectives: Since Leishmaniasis and Papataci fever are of major health concern in our country and sand fly is the sole known means of transmission of the diseases, the present study will determine the funa of sand fly in rural and urban regions of Kashan between 1990 to 1997. Materials and Methods: A descriptive study was carried out on some region of rural and urban areas of Kashan out which had fairly wide ecologic and temperate variation. 11057 sand fly samples were collected from Kashan, Aran, Bidgol, Ghamsar and 9 rural areas. Sand flies were collected by sticky paper, hand capture aspiration from inside and outside of homes and nests. The identification of the sand fly was determined by existing diagnostic clues after they were cleared. Results: Overall, 17 types of sand fly belonging to 2 types of phlebotomus (11 types) and sergentomia (6 types) were identified. Highest rate of captured was for phlebotomus papataci (62), phlebotomus sergentani (17) and sergentomia sintini (14). Phlebotomus papataci was the major type at captured from homes and nests. Most sand flies were collected from mountainous regions. Conclusion: Identification of funa of sand flies in the region is important. It is suggested that further research on the life habits of insects, which is directly related to the epidemiology of the disease and determination of preventive measures is suggested.

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