Age of onset of menopause and effective factors on it in the women of Reye town during the year 1371

Akbarian, A. and Mehdizadeh, A. and Bibiamin, E. and Malekafzali, H. (1999) Age of onset of menopause and effective factors on it in the women of Reye town during the year 1371. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 3.

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History and Objectives: Due to the increase in life expectancy in the society and the enhancing numbers of the menopausal individuals and also the broad range of changes in the body metabolism after menopause and in order to define the age of menopause and the effective factors on it, this research was performed in women of Reye town during the year 1371. Materials and Methods: A descriptive study was performed on 400 women aged 49-60 years and they were asked whether they are menopausal or not? And also the role of hereditary factors menstruation status individual and environmental characteristics on menopausal phenomenon were evaluated and presented with descriptive statistics and using the calculation method of life table the probability of menopause for different ages were calculated and in a multi regression the role of the main factor and or factors in the development of menopause was determined. Results: In the individuals under study 88% were menopausal and the average age at menopause was 47.3% years. The probability of menopause is zero at the age of 28 years and one at the age of 60 years. Half of the total population of the evaluated women aged 48-49 years. The most important effective factors on menopausal age were hereditary factors in this study (P<0.0001) and other factors such as family and the menopausal age of the sisters had significant roles (P<0.01). There was no correlation between the appearance of body mass number of childbirths and pregnancies number of abortions method of birth control, cigarette, ethnicity, socioeconomic, status, … and age at menopause. Conclusion: Age at menopause is low and considering the sample volume and lack of diversity of socioeconomic status in this population, further studies are recommended.

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