Precision of arterial blood pressure measurement by indirect method by medical staff of Shahid Moddares Hospital

Sadat, H. and Noorouzi, A. and Namazi, M.H. and Safi, M. (2000) Precision of arterial blood pressure measurement by indirect method by medical staff of Shahid Moddares Hospital. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 4.

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History and Objectives: High blood pressure is fairly prevalent and due to its importance, side effect because of imprecision in its measurement, the present study was carried out in order to determine its precise value and its ability to measure the high blood pressure by a indirect method by the medical staff of Shaheed Beheshti hospital in 1996-1997. Materials and Methods: A diagnostic clinical trial study on 157 patients selected for cardiac catheter was carried. Aortic blood pressure was determined by the specialist during catheter operation and two minutes later arterial blood pressure by medical staff (One of nine groups of cardiology residents, internal medicine residents, CCU nurses, cardiology nurses, internal medicine nurses, intern students, nursing students and nursing technicians). The difference between direct and indirect measurements was the basis for correctness and statistical paired t-test was performed and the ability of various medical staff in the determination of high blood pressure (Higher than 139.89 mmHg) was assessed. Results: From total of 157 patients (69.4% male, 30.6% female) examined, the mean age was 48±12.8 year. Most medical staff reported the systolic and diastolic pressure lower and higher than the actual value respectively. A variation of 13 mmHg (10%) (P<0.001) 10.7 mmHg (14%) (P<0.001) for systolic and diastolic blood pressure was observed respectively. Highest and lowest absolute difference in the measurement of systolic blood pressure among various medical staff was 17.4 mmHg (13.2%) and 10.3 mmHg (8.3%) for internal medicine residents and internal medicine nursing staff respectively and the highest and lowest diastolic blood pressure the absolute difference were 15.3 mmHg (20%) and 5.3 mmHg (7.2%) for cardiology nursing staff and nursing students respectively. Conclusion: Due to the sensitivity and specificity of indirect blood pressure determination, similar study ought to carry out at other medical centers. The cause of difference and instruction as to the importance of accurate blood pressure measurements ought to be brought up the attention of medical staff.

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