Comparison of different culture and smear preparation in detection of mycologic

Shadzi, Sh. and Talari, S.A. and Chadeganipour, M. and Samsam Shariat, H. and Chaabavi Zadeh, J. and Hashemi, J. (2001) Comparison of different culture and smear preparation in detection of mycologic. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 4.

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History and Objectives: Due to the prevalence and importance of diagnosis of fungi in Iran and considering the difficulties and the economic cost of providing different stains and culture media, the present study was undertaken. Materials and Methods: A descriptive study on 10 strains of fungi including opportunistic, dermatophytes and yeast were performed. The effects of culture media and staining techniques were studied on the modified water agar, saboraud's agar, mycobiotic agar, corn meal agar, nutrient agar with methods of Riddle, Microslide, Hole making, Scotch tape, Gram, Giemsa, Wright Giemsa, PAS, Wright, Lactophenole catton blue, Kinyoun's acid fast, Methylene blue, Calcofour white, Congo red and Acridine organ. Results: The present study showed that Sepedonium, Trichotheclum, Microsporum gypseum, Candida albicans, Aspergillus fungi were etiologic agents in the modified water agar and in the microslide, epidermophyton fluccosum modified water agar and Trichophyton mentagrophyton in Riddle method were grown better than other procedures. Conclusion: Due to the results of the present study, both Gram and Giemsa stains were better than other staining techniques and water agar is selective medium for better identification of fungi.

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