Introduction of a new method for preparation of intact bones from fixed cadavers and its qualitative evaluation

Sobhani, A.GH. and Nikzad, H. and Akbari, M. (2001) Introduction of a new method for preparation of intact bones from fixed cadavers and its qualitative evaluation. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 5.

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History and Objectives: It is of high importance to use intact and normal bones in training of anatomy courses. Considering the relative deficiency and the low quality of the present materials, this study was designed to find out a new method of preparation of normal bones from fixed cadavers in 1999. Materials and Methods: In this study the bones from cadavers fixed with formalin, phenol, alcohol and glycerin were used in anatomy department of Tehran university of medical sciences. For this purpose, the soft tissues were removed from the bones by surgical scissors and scalpel and for complete removal of these tissues, the bones were immersed in sodium hypochloride solution for 24h and then after rinsing and drying in oven at 50°C, they were placed in cerosene-ethanol solution for fat removal. In the next stage, they were dried in the open environment and were bleached by 5 hydrogen peroxide solution. Finally, a layer of oil was painted on the bones. The prepared bones by this method were compared with the existing bones regarding quality and anatomic structure. Results: The prepared bones by this method showed no fracture and decay and their normal integrity was maintained and they were more healthy to use and it is more easier to clean them and more cheaper to prepare them in large scale. Conclusion: The above-mentioned method is recommended to prepare bones with higher quality and it is better to use them in teaching of anatomy courses. Furthermore, it is recommended to perform more studies using other materials for preparation of intact bones.

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