Isolation of a Steroidal Alkaloid From Buxus hyrcana

Ayatollahi, S.A. and Komeilizadeh, H. (2002) Isolation of a Steroidal Alkaloid From Buxus hyrcana. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 6.

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Background: Buxus hyrcana is species of Buxus genus. Buxus specien are known an The are of sterois alkaloids with biologic activity. They are widely Ysed in Traditicnal Medicine to Treat rhematism gout, skin diseases and Malaria nesistant to common therapies . therapies. The present study was carries out to extract steroid alkaloids from Buxus hyrcana gathered in uoshahr, Iran, and assessed its phytochemical chara cteristicsMaterials and Methods: For This exploratory study, The plant was dried regardless of exte heat or light. Then was powdered and ulraclecl using metharel. Turllur experiments enealed thal the produst contained alkaloids, and flavonoids. To txtract alkaloids , The product was exposed to Hcl s so thal ets PH reached 2. then chlorofcrn was osed to divide The chlovofornic phase contained non - alkaloids, wheras the olter phase contained and ets PH was reached Q By means of arncniurn , Finally chloroform wan wed for extraction During The Column chranatography of the chloro formic phase, an unpurified material was esolated that finally purified by thin loyer chromatography. Results: The purified material had The following characteristics: UV absorption, Melting point of 170-173 ° C . molecular formula of  And molecular mass of 385  Meanuhile, The presence of ketonic, alcoholic and amin groups as cyclopropanic cyclen wene all Cenfirmed.

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