Surveying patients with leukorrhea, bacterial causes and drug resistance

BeghnamFar, F. and Khorshidi, A. and Araghi, Kh. (2003) Surveying patients with leukorrhea, bacterial causes and drug resistance. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 7.

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Background : Leukorrhea is a common cause of physician's visit during the fertility period. Unfortunately, sufficient data regarding the microbial causes are lack and diagnosis is made based on macroscopic appearance. The present study was aimed to survey the bacterial causes of leucorrhea and drug resistance in Shabih Khani hospital in Kashan. Materials and Methods : 301 patients with leukorrhea had referred for this descriptive study. In case of any complaint regarding the excess vaginal discharge, sampling and culturing was performed. Then, drug resistance was conducted. Finally, data were analyzed. Results: 301 patients aged 25-30 years were studied. Frequent symptoms were itching (47.5), pain and tenderness. Cultures were revealed to be negative in 61.1. Of 38.9 positive cultures, enterococcus (12.6), and mixed bacteria were the most common findings. 75 had claimed to have the vaginal discharge for months and 25 had received no treatment, among those who have been on therapy, local ointments were the most common therapeutic facility. Drug resistance has shown a different profile, where no simple drug could provide a high level of sensitivity. 37 of patients had negative paraclinical studies (physiologic leukorrhea). Conclusion : 30 had physiologic leukorrhea that did not require any further therapy. Bacterial leukorrhea is a common problem. We suggest antibiogram for all patients with leukorrhea.

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