Behavioral habits and ischemic heart disease in Kashan, 1995

Taghadosi, M. and Vali, Gh.R. (2003) Behavioral habits and ischemic heart disease in Kashan, 1995. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 7.

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Background: Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common cause of death in Iran. Changes in life styles and habits may be accompanied by less mortality and morbidity due to cardiovascular diseases. The present study was performed to determine the behavioral habits in ischemic heart disease in patients hospitalized in Shaheed Beheshti hospital in Kashan.Materials and methods : For this case-control study, patients admitted in CCU were considered as case and those noncardiac disease admitted in surgery or internal medicine wards were referred to as control. Groups were matched according to the sex and age. A questionnaire including sex, age, occupation, marital status, education level, smoking habit, daily activity, and OCP usage was completed for all participants. Results : 400 patients were equally distributed in two groups of case and control. In the case group70 patients (35) aged 66 or higher, 121 (60.7) were males, 87 were married, 62 were illiterate, an 35.5 were housewife. 39 (19.5) have frequently had salty meals. 57 (28.5) used animal-based oils. 132 (66) used tea or coffee frequently. 119 (59) reported mild-moderate physical activity. 53 (26.5) were smoker, among these, 53 smoked for 10-20 years and 30 smoked for more than 20 years. 18 (23) were OCP users, among these, 34 used these drugs for more than 5 years. Conclusion : A large proportion of our studied patients was married males aged greater 66 years. Further educational programs regarding low salt and fatty food intake as well as regular physical activity, cessation of smoking are strongly suggested.

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