Metabolic disorder in patients with urinary stone

Mahmoudi, Hossein (2003) Metabolic disorder in patients with urinary stone. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 7.

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Background : Urinary stones are quite frequent problems of urinary system that encompass different metabolic disorders. The present study was conducted on patients referring to Naghavi hospital in Kashan during 2000-2001 with urinary stone to find out their different metabolic disorders. Materials and methods : For this descriptive study, all candidates aged 15 or more were included. Urinary stones were diagnosed using sonography and /or IVP. Meanwhile, the level of Ca, uric acid, creatinine, Na, K, 24-hour urine analysis, and patients' demographic characteristics were detemined. Results : The study population included 55 males and 24 females. The most common disorders were oliguria (78.4), hypercalciuria (27.8), hyperuricosuria (11.3), hyperuricemia (8.8, and hypercalcemia (2.5). Conclusion : Oliguria is by far the most common problem that occur due to excessive heat, excessive sweating, and loss of liquid intake. Necessary educative programs can be helpful.

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