Simultaneous measurement of vitamin A and E using reversed phase HPLC

Aarabi, M.H. and Jalali, M. (2003) Simultaneous measurement of vitamin A and E using reversed phase HPLC. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 7.

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Background : Measurement of vitamin A and E is of utmost importance since they have antioxidant and protective activity that could be helpful to prevent cancer. Thus precise measurement is important. In the present study we have measured the se two vitamins using HPLC technique. Materials and methods : It was an exploratory survey. Having prepared the serum sample, 50 microliter was injected to HPLC instrument. Reversed phase chromatography with UV detector and a Super Pacpep-S column with a flow rate of 1.5ml/minute was used. Retention time, coefficient of variation, and reliability as well as the amount of recovered vitamins were determined. Results : Vitamin A, retinil acetate, and vitamin E were removed from the column at minutes of 3.4, 4.7, and 11.5. the limit detection was 25ng/ml and 1 μ g/ml for vitamin A and E respectively. The recovery rate of vitamin A and E were 78.2 and 90.8. Conclusion : Reversed phase HPLC is a reliable technique to measure vitamin A and E. Further studies in order to improve this technique is highly recommended.

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