Phytochemical study of Euphorbia microsciada

Ayatollahi, S.A. and Mortazavi, S.A.R. (2004) Phytochemical study of Euphorbia microsciada. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 8.

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Background: Euphorbiaceae family is a large family of medical plants, containing over 800 species. This rather important family of plants could be used in the treatment of various diseases such as cancer and neuralgia. Euphorbia microsciada has not yet undergone phytochemical studies, thus, the present study was achieved. Materials and methods: It was an exploratory study. The plant was obtained form Kohak region in Qom-Kashan road. Extraction was performed by maceration in methanol. Extracts was finally dried and using silica gel column chromatography and various solvents, separation and then identification of constitutes were carried out. Techniques of NMR, Mass, IR and UV were employed for this purpose. Results: Four fractions were obtained from the extract, which were Ma7, MgIII, MgIV, and Md70. Structural determination showed the presence of linear alkane, nonacosane in fraction Ma7. In fraction MgIII, the terpenoid ß-sitosterol was identified and in fraction MgIV, cycloclarkeanol was isolated. Nothing was identified from Md70 fraction. Conclusion: For the first time nonacosane, terpenoid ß-sitosterol, and cycloclarkeanol were isolated from Euphorbia microsciada.

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