Bacterial vaginosis in patients referring to medical centers in shahrekord, 2004-2005

Taghriri, A. and Danesh, A. (2006) Bacterial vaginosis in patients referring to medical centers in shahrekord, 2004-2005. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 9.

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Background: Bacterial vaginosis was reported to have great influences on pregnancy and fetus health. Since the true epidemiologic profile of bacterial vaginosis is not obvious in shahrekord, the present study was performed on patients referring to medical centers, between 2004 and 2005. Materials and Methods: For this descriptive study, initial data was gathered via history, direct smear, KOH test, Variables: Bacterial vaginosis, marital status, occupation, husband's job, signs (dysparonia, vaginal burning), direct smear, Wiff test, colour and smell and form of vaginal discharge. Results: Of 210 patients, 60 (28/6) were revealed to be infected with bacterial vaginosis. These 53 ( 88/4) had bad odour and 33 (55) had yellow-gray discharge and had 48 (80) watery discharge and 25 (41/6) had dysparonia and 11 (18/3) had vaginal burning .60 (100) had positive direct smear and 29 (48/3) had Whiff test or positive KOH test .There exists association between result of direct smear and Whiff test. This is not similar to those patients with Whiff test and direct smear. There exists association between bacterial vaginosis and bad smell discharge, dysparonia, vaginal burning and yellow-gray discharge and no association between bacterial vaginosis and occupation, marital status and husband's job. Conclusion: Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection in Shahrekord .it is associated with preterm delivery and premature birth. We recommend that for control and prevention of bacterial vaginosis at pregnancy, educational and hygienic programs should be considered regarding all patients in Shahrekord.

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