Effect of artemisia sieberi extract on Leishmania major ulcers in BALB/c mice

Doroodgar, A. and Arbabi, M. and Razavizadeh, M.R. and Mohebali, M. and Sadr, F. and Tashakkor, Z. (2007) Effect of artemisia sieberi extract on Leishmania major ulcers in BALB/c mice. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 11.

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Background: Considering the prevalence of leishmaniasis in different regions of the world including Iran and many side effects of pentavalent antimony compounds used in its treatment, and controversies about herbal drugs, the effects of Artemisia sieberi extract on the experimental ulcers of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) on BALB/c mice was studied at Kashan University of Medical Sciences. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study the effect of 1, 3 and 5 percent concentrations of Artemisia sieberi hydroalcohol lotions in mouse previously infected with alive and active Leishmania major promastogote was evaluated. The 50 selected BALB/c Mice were divided into 5 groups: 3 groups (n= 30) in experimental and 2 in control groups (n= 20). Three groups (cases) received drug one group received ethanol 80 and one group received none (controls). The drug was administered topically, three times daily for maximum of 30 days. Ulcer diameters were measured in all groups every 10 days and were tested for amastigote. Ulcer diameter change was analyzed by Paired t-test, ANOVA and Tukey. Results: Whole recovery wasn't observed in any treated mouse by Artemisia concentrates at the end of 30-day treatment period and mice direct smears in microscopic studies were positive. Conclusion: 1, 3 and 5 percent Artemisia extracts were ineffective in the treatment of Leishmania major ulcer. Artemisia emulsions had no effect on the reduction of ulcers diameter and leishman bodies at the end of treatment course.

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