Correlation of serum cholinesterase and liver transaminases level changes in pesticide factory workers

Joshaghani, H.R. and Ahmadi, A.R. and Behnampour, N. (2008) Correlation of serum cholinesterase and liver transaminases level changes in pesticide factory workers. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 11.

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Background: There are two types of cholinesterase enzymes in human, red blood cell or true and plasma or false cholinesterases. Some chemical constituents of the pesticides such as organophosphates, and carbamates, either interfere or inhibit the cholinesterase activity. The determination of cholinesterase activity has a high application in damage to the liver by the pesticides. The employees in pesticide factories are one of the groups exposed to poisoning with the pesticides. Aim this research was study of effect of this toxins on the serum cholinesterase and transaminases levels in workers. Materials and Methods: This cohort study was carried out in 2006 on 63 employees of a pesticide factory with sampling from the subjects in days 1 and 90. Cholinesterase level was determined with butyrylthiocholine substrate and alanin and aspartate transaminase levels with kinetic techniques. Results: The mean serum cholinesterase level in phase 1 was 9569 ± 2496 IU/L, while in the second phase it was 7970 ± 2067 IU/L. This drop in cholinesterase level was statistically significant (paired t test, mean = 1599, 95%CI=1140-2058, P<0,001). Alanine transaminase increase in the second phase compared with the first one was statistically meaningful (Paired t test, mean=-7.9, 95% CI=-10.9-4.9, p<0.001). Eight subjects (12.7%) had more than 35% reduction in cholinesterase activity. Conclusion: In spite of was not correlation between reduction serum cholinesterase with increase of serum transaminases, considering reduction of cholinesterase activity in 17 (27%) of workers in a three months period it seems logical to set a program to have a routine check up of cholinesterase activity in workers engaged in such occupations.

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