Surveying the scorpion sting agents at Khuzestan (a province of Iran) in 2004

Dehghani, R. and Dinparast Jadid, N. and Shahbazzadeh, D. and Bigdelli, Sh. (2008) Surveying the scorpion sting agents at Khuzestan (a province of Iran) in 2004. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 12.

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Background: Seven scorpion species have been reported as human envenoming in Iran. The accurate identification of scorpion sting agents can best help the treatment. This identification also discloses the pathophysiological basis of symptoms and gives the rational for first aids implementation. The study was performed to identify the agents of scorpion sting in Khuzestan. Materials and Methods: This descriptive research was conducted on 418 scarified scorpions, preserved Ethyl alcohol (70). The census sampling was performed and the appropriate species were assigned using all morphological criteria by key identification stereo microscopy . The results of scorpion stungs were recorded on a data sheet, classified and compared based on their species and families. Results: Results showed that, 7 scorpion stungs belonged to Buthidae and Hemiscorpidae families. The recognized scorpion species during this study were as follows: Family Buthidae:Mesobuthus eupeus(91, 21.7), Androctonus crassicauda (120, 28.7), Compsobuthus matthiessenis (86,20.6), Orthochirus scrobiculosus(1, 0.5), Buthotus(Hotentotta) saulcyi (14,3.35), Buthotus(Hotentotta) schach (1,0.25)Â Â Family Hemiscorpidae: (24.9) Hemiscorpious lepturus Among 23096 scorpion stungs, the highest and lowest occurrences were in Masjed Suleiman (20.7) and Dehdez (0.44) respectively. Conclusion: This is the first report from Iran, introducing the Compsobuthus matthiesseni as the major and Orthochirus scrobiculosus and Buthotus schach as the minor sting agents. Prevention, control and treatment plan, teaching the healthcare providers and informing the community regarding the new species are suggested.

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