Effect of concentration of air pollutants (PM10, O3 and H2S) on lung capacity in the cities Arak and Khomain, Iran

Moini, L. and Fani, A. and Eshrati, B. and Talaei, A. (2010) Effect of concentration of air pollutants (PM10, O3 and H2S) on lung capacity in the cities Arak and Khomain, Iran. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 13.

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Background: The present study investigates the effect of different concentrations of air pollutants (PM10, O3. H2S) on the function of lung. Materials & Methods: Arak and Khomain cities were divided into 10 and 5 regions, respectively. A sample of air pollutants (PM10, O3 .H2S) was measured by PSI (pollution standard index) machine randomly from spring to winter. Two random samples consisting of 1069 non-smoker residents of the two cities (522 from Khomain and 547 from Arak) were selected. Regression test mode were used to analyze data. Results: PSI in the cities Arak and Khomain was 101.83±14.54 and 89.17±18.58, respectively. Predicted values of FVC, FEVI, FEF 25-75%, MEF 50%, and PEF in Arak were 10.2%, 11.7%, 35.5%, 30.9%, and 40% abnormal, respectively. These values in Khomain were 8.8%, 11.3%, 35.4%, 33.9%, and 40.6% abnormal, respectively. The concentrations of H2S in both cities were above the standard values. There was no significant relationship between the concentrations of O3, H2S, PM10 and vital capacity. However, there was a considerable correlation between the mean of FEF, FEF 25–75%, and concentration of O3 at P<0.001 and P=0.016 level of significance, respectively. In Arak the correlation observed between FVC and concentration of O3 was not significant. In Khomain a negative correlation was observed between VC with H2S and PM10 on one hand and FVC with H2S and PM10 on the other. Conclusion: The main pollutants in Arak was PM10 and in Khomain were H2S and O3. Measuring these pollutants throughout the year is necessary.

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