Impact of the environmental contaminants on aquatic organisms

Mahboobi-Soofiani, N. (2013) Impact of the environmental contaminants on aquatic organisms. Feyz Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, 16.

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Following an unsustainable development of industry resulting from human population growth and its corresponding demands, the concern for the environmental implication of natural and artificial pollutants stemming from human activities has increased. Environmental pollutants in air, water, soil, sediments, food and consumer products, can get into the body of organism through eating, breathing or be absorbed through the skin. They will be assimilated into the blood stream and have direct or indirect impact on their physiological performance. Among others, it seems that aquatic organisms are more exposed to the most pollutants so that aquatic environments are the ultimate destination of pollutants like industrial effluents, urban wastewaters and agricultural run-off. Pollutants such as heavy metals and chemical compounds are considered to be very toxic and their accumulations through biological magnification can damage the ecosystem and its biodiversity. Some of these pollutants which are known as �Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)� can affect the endocrine system of aquatic organisms leading to problems in reproductive behaviors, reproductive organs, quality of sexual gametes, reproductive potential, growth and development and other related immunological issues for animals or even humans. These compounds can mainly interfere with the aquatic populations through disturbance in hormonal performance especially sexual hormones. This not only disturbs the ecological balance but also causes biodiversity reduction, unsustainable aquatic population and destruction of ecosystems, subsequently. This study aimed to investigate the role of environmental pollutants and their side effects on aquatic organisms and hence human health.

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