The Mid-Term Changes of Pulmonary Function Tests After Phrenic Nerve Transfer

Yavari, M. and Hassanpour, S. E. and Khodayari, M. (2016) The Mid-Term Changes of Pulmonary Function Tests After Phrenic Nerve Transfer. Arch Trauma Res, 5 (1). e30672.


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Background: In the restoration of elbow flexion, the phrenic nerve has proven to be a good donor, but considering the role of the phrenic nerve in respiratory function, we cannot disregard the potential dangers of this method. Objectives: In the current study, we reviewed the results of pulmonary function tests (PFT) in four patients who underwent phrenic nerve transfer. Patients and Methods: We reviewed the results of serial spirometry tests, which were performed before and after phrenic nerve transfer surgery. Results: All patients regained Biceps power to M3 strength or above. None of our patients experienced pulmonary problems or respiratory complaints, but a significant reduction of spirometric parameters occurred after surgery. Conclusions: This study highlights the close link between the role of the phrenic nerve and pulmonary function, such that the use of this nerve as a transfer donor leads to spirometric impairments.

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